Silver Dream Aussie’s Illusion

Junior Champion of Hungary
2xBest minor puppy, 1xMinor Puppy BIS 1 1xMinor Puppy BIS 2
5xHPJ, 5xBest Junior, 3xBOB, 1xBOS, 2xJBOG, 1xBOG 1xJunior BEST IN SHOW, 1xres.BEST IN SHOW 1xJunior BIS 3.

CEA/PRA/HSF4/MDR1 DNA Normal by Parentage
HD:A, ED:0
Herding Instinct Test
Character Test : Excellent : 100 / 100 point
Own and loving her : Pálocska Csenge
We will bred with her in co-ownership



Puppy BIS III, 4xHPJ, Junior Clubwinner, Hungaria Junior Champion, Junior European Winner 2018′ / Fiatal Európagyőztes 2018′, 4xCAC, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB, 5xBOB, 2xBOS, BOG III., Crufts 2019′ Yearling 2nd place, Hungarian Champion

born / született : 26.08.2017
HD:B / ED:0
Character test : 100/99 point
ösztönpróba / herding instinct test


Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please

Hungaria Junior Champion, Crufts 2017 CC, EW 2017
(FCI European Winner), Best in Show, res.Junior BIS, Amsterdam Junior Winner, Amsterdam Winner,
Hungarian Champion, Romanian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, 2 x Clubwinner, Res.Best in Show, 14xCAC, 10xCACIB, 15xBOB, Crufts 2018 Res.CC

Born: 08.03.2015
HSF4 free, MDR1 +/-, CEA/PRA DNA normal
HD: B, ED:0
character test 100/100 point
co-owner and loved by : Szalay Enikő