MultiCh., IntCh. Silver Dream Aussie’s Tia Carrere

Junior Class / Fiatal osztályban :
4xHPJ, 2xCACJ, 2x Fiatal Klubgyőztes, Junior BIS, Junior BIS III.
Hungária Junior Champion
Román Junior Champion
Fiatal Klub-Star 2017
Adult Classes / Felnőtt osztályokban :
21xCAC, 1xR.CACIB, 10xCACIB, 5xBOS, 11xBOB
Best of Group
Res.Best of Group
Best of Group III.
Best Opposite Sex Best in Show
Internationale Champion
Hungária Champion
Román Champion
Szerb Champion
Bosznia Hercegovina Champion
Román Grand Champion
Szerb Grand Champion
Hungaria Show Champion

Adult Club Star /Felnőtt Club Star 2017-2018


CEA/PRA/HSF4/MDR1 Normal by Parentage
HD:A – ED:0
Co-owner and loved by : Katalin Zrupkóné Harmath


NASH De Costys Du Tomberg

Hungarian Junior Champion
3xHPJ / Junior Winner
Junior Clubwinner
2x Best of Breed
Best in Show non FCI recognized Breeds

He is our guest, available for stud while he is with us!
Vendég kutyánk fedez, míg nálunk tartózkodik!

Genetically Normal for : CEA/PRA/HC/DM/MCR1/HM/NCL6
MDR1 +/-
HD : A1, ED : 0, Patella : 0


Silver Dream Aussies`s Way to go

Silver Dream Aussies`s Way to go
We are so proud with the results from 13-14.05.2017 in Serbia! Silver Dream Aussies`s Way to go was one super boy and he won :
13.05.2017 – Nis – Excellent, Junior Best of breed. Handler – Hristina Kostradinova. Judge- Mr. Gabriel Stibel / Macedonia/.
14.05.2017 – Topola Oplenac – Excellent,JCAC ,JBOB and BOS. Handler Mirjana Simic. Judje – Mr. Mica Nikolic (SRB).

MultiCh.Silver Dream Aussie’s Land Rover

Sooooo very very happy and proud. My old friend ROVER (MultiCh.Silver Dream Aussie’s Land Rover) had a wonderful weekend in Miskolc Marathon Dogshow! At the age of 10 years, after winning RCC at Crufts he was entered a Nationale and an Internationale Dogshow. First day’s results at the nationals :
Best of Breed, Res.Veteran Best in Show and Best of Group with me !!!!!
Second day Internationale with Bálint our little son :
I. place in Junior Handling Competition
Reserve Veteran Best in Show 
Best of Group

No words …. Thanks for the judges who recognized his quality. Once in a lifetime dog.


Crufts 2017
This world’s largest dog show!!
Ch.Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please (Ch.Silver Dream Aussie’s What’s Up x Ch.G’Starlight D’Energies DCD Tomberg) Promise bitch CC at Crufts from open, just 3 days after her second birthday !!!!

Ch.Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please

So finally I got the photos from our perfect 4 days internationale shows in Budapest. Maybe I will be too much, but we really don’t show our dogs so often, like before. Our dogs in perfect condition now and I didn’t show at our clubshows I think at the last 5 years. So here our dogs on photos.Ch.Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please (Ch.SDA What’s Up x Ch.G’Starlight D’Energies DCD Tomberg) our lovely Promise made us very very proud again !!!! She was shown 2 times in the 4 days. First she won Clubwinner & Best of Breed at the yearly clubshow and finally did THE BEST IN SHOW !!!!!! We are still over the moon !!!! This show we will not forget for a long time. Thanks for all, who made that possible. The breed & BIS judges, her co-owner Szalay Enikő, her groomer and all our friends who were with us. She won CACIB, Best of Breed, Res.BOG on Sunday

Silver Dream Aussie’s Unforgettable

Silver Dream Aussie’s Unforgettable (Ch.SDA Matt Bianco x Ch.SDA Who’s That Girl) at the age of 9 and half month old collected also his Hungarian Junior Champion title and once got the Best Junior in Breed. That means he won 4/4 in a row in his class. It was his very first show and did a great job with his super good character.


Silver Dream Aussie’s Tia Carrere (That’s The Way Made by Patchwork x Ch.G’Starlight D’Energies DCD Tomberg) at the age of 11 month did a perfect job !!! She was shown 3 times, first time in junior class. She got 2xBest of Breed at the internationales and 3xHPJ,3x Best Junior in Breed, and finally Junior Best in Show at the yearly Clubshow. And she won BEST OF GROUP in Friday. Hungarian Junior Champion
Thanks for the judges who thinking so high of her, her owner Zrupkóné Harmath Katalin to keep her in perfect condition and her handler Beatrix Fábián for the super job.


Silver Dream Aussie’s Winner Takes it All in puppy class at the clubshow (Ch.Moonbaby’s from My Cold Dead Hands x JCh.SDA Love Letter). “Very promising” best puppy in show and finally Puppy Best in Show. She is in co-ownership with Boglárka Wiechner.

Junior Club Winner

Our very first mini american (my husband’s favourite :))
Moonbaby’s Live Laugh Love was shown 4 times in a row and got 4xBest of Breed. She collected with this the Hungaria Junior Champion title. She became Junior Club Winner also. We are sooo happy with her!
Thanks Melissa Zobell for this little lovely creature !!!

Best of Breed

Moonbaby’s From My Cold Dead Hands “Glock”
We had a nice, but hot weekend in Varazdin 🙂 Our new aussie boy Moonbaby’s From My Cold Dead Hands “Glock” took Best of Breed. Our son Balint also compete in the Junior Handling with Mia (SDA Miracle in Black) and got the second place🙂 They were very good togedher in the ring.


I showed yesterday “Glock” first time. He worked quite well with me in the ring. He interested many other things around, so we need a little more practice togedher, but he got the Best of Breed title and the Res.BOG in the main ring after the komondor, who became the Best in Show after. Really not a bad start. The photos made by the breed judgements, thanks for them to Kitty Susa

Glock-ot először állítottam ki tegnap. Egész jól működtünk együtt, de még sok minden más érdekelte őt a ringen kívül, még ránk fér egy kis gyakorlás. Fajtagyőztes és Res.Fajtacsoport győztes címeket gyűjtött be a komondor mögött, aki végül a BIS kutya lett. Nem egy rossz kezdés. Köszönöm a fajta ringben készül képeket Susa Kitty-nek, illetve édesapjának.

Moonbaby’s Kirk of Silver Dream

3xHPJ, Hungaria Junior Champion, Junior Clubwinner, Junior Best in Show, BIS III., 3xCAC, 5xBOB, BOS, 4xBOG (Non FCI breed group), Hungaria Champion

born / született : 17.02.2017
Docked tail

HD:A / ED:0 / Patella : 0

breeder/tenyésztő : Melissa Zobell (USA)



Puppy BIS III, 4xHPJ, Junior Clubwinner, Hungaria Junior Champion, Junior European Winner 2018′ / Fiatal Európagyőztes 2018′, 4xCAC, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB, 5xBOB, 2xBOS, BOG III., Crufts 2019′ Yearling 2nd place, Hungarian Champion

born / született : 26.08.2017
CEA/PRA/HSF4/DM Normal, MDR1 +/-
HD:B / ED:0
Character test : 100/99 point
ösztönpróba / herding instinct test


Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please

Hungaria Junior Champion, Crufts 2017 CC, EW 2017
(FCI European Winner), Best in Show, res.Junior BIS, Amsterdam Junior Winner, Amsterdam Winner,
Hungarian Champion, Romanian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, 2 x Clubwinner, Res.Best in Show, 14xCAC, 10xCACIB, 15xBOB, Crufts 2018 Res.CC

Born: 08.03.2015
HSF4 free, MDR1 +/-, CEA/PRA DNA normal
HD: B, ED:0
character test 100/100 point
co-owner and loved by : Szalay Enikő

CH. Silver Dream Aussie’s Halfpenny

European Show 2007’ Puppy I., Derby Winner, Qualified for Crufts, Austrian Bundesjugendsieger,Youth ClubStar 2007 Hungária Junior Champion,Junior BOG, 4xCAC,3xBOB,2xCAC, 6xCACIB,Crufts Qualification,Central-Eastern European Winner, Croatian Champion,Hungarian Champion,Internationale Champion

Born: 29.09.2006
CEA/RPA/Cataracta free, MDR1:+/+,HSF4 : N/N Clear

Working results : herding test

JEU.Ch.HJCH. Silver Dream Aussie’s Try Again

Show results : 
Junior FCI European Winner,
Best Junior 2010′ 
FCI European Winner & BOB 2011′
4xHPJ, 4xBest Junior, 3xBOB, Derby Winner 2010′
Hungaria Junior Champion, 3xCACIB, 3xBOB
8xCAC, 8xCACIB, 8xBOB, Best of Group, Best in Show
Hungarian Champion
Romanian Champion
Nedherland Champion

Born: 2009.12.20 – 2012.08.05
CEA/PRA/Kat. clinically free, MDR1 : +/- HSF4 Clear, HD:B, ED:0/0, shoulders free

MoonBaby’s From My Cold Dead Hands

Hungarian Champion l Romaniain Champion l Croatian Champion l 4x Res. Best of Group  l 10xBOB l 1xBOS  l  8 x CACIB l 12x CAC

Born: 14.10.2013
Character test “excellent” 99/100

Eye Cerf- Clear.

OFA HD- Hips Excellent. Elbows/Patellas-Normal
Full Dentition, Scissors Bite

Red factored


Silver Dream Aussie’s Tambourine Man

WORLD WINNER 2012 & 2014 l 6xCACIB l Hungaria Champion l Romanian Champion l Croatian Champion l Romanian Champion lCentral Eastern European Winner ’11 l Central European Cup winner’11 l BEST in SHOW


 CEA/PRA/HSF4 DNA Normal, MDR1: +/-
HD:A1, ED:0

red factored


Harmony Hill’s Five Letter Word

AKC Champion (American kennel Club) l Hungaria Champion l Bosnia-Hercegovina Champion l 9xCAC, 6xCACIB l 8xBOB l 3xBOG l Res.BOG l RES.BEST IN SHOW l Veteran BEST IN SHOW

Born: 08.10.2009
HD: A, ED:0, HSF4 : N/N Clear, MDR1 +/+, 
Full Dentition, Scissors Bite, Eye Normal 7/2013


docked tail (genetically long tail)

Character test max level : 100 point

red factored